Project: Stephenson

The assignment consists of an exploratory study of the feasibility of:

- The creation of Stephenson Park on land owned by INFRABEL,
under the terms of an agreement to place it at the disposal of the City of Schaerbeek for a period of 15 years.

Two entrances are planned for the future Stephenson Park: via Stephenson Square and via 76 Navez Street.
- The construction of a crèche with 32 places linked to a renewal of the Queensbury boxing club.
- A basic redesign of Stephenson Square combined with (partial) demolition of the Queensbury boxing club to allow for an opening to the future Stephenson Park.

Urban and social objectives:
- Opening up the neighborhood
- Securing the area
- Creation of green spaces available to the residents of the district and its surroundings
- Reactivation of a "residual" space
- Integration of the railroad into the landscaped area
- Integration of the old kitchen gardens into the wider green network on the scale of the Region
- Park in co-creation

The project forms part of a linear green structure and connects to the Zenne Park in the southwest and via a few "stepping stones" towards the Moeraske in the northeast.

An important starting point is to bring the neighborhood into contact with green spaces!