land of herve

the context

A participatory approach aimed at identifying the "resources" of the Land of Herve to then set up actions and governance adapted to the territory and the needs of the actors. The territory of the Land of Herve responds to landscape values, its local products, its rural and green image, its environmental qualities... but do we know which ecosystem services (ESD) these values benefit from? Understanding and identifying the ecosystems that feed their territorial assets is fundamental and necessary to think sustainably about a territorial project of tomorrow.

The goal

Establish a participatory workshop to identify priority resources that to be developed from a common consensus.
An approach to the territorial and landscape issue from the consideration of the resources of the territory. It places the landscape at the center of the debate. It questions human practices in relation to natural resources, it mobilizes reflections on the relationship between natural and human ecosystems. The results of the process will be integrated into the future Strategic Development Plan of the GAL Pays de Herve. This is an opportunity to mobilize and implement a whole range of actions. Like Pays de Herve-Futur 1, since its creation the Gal has chosen to emphasize the landscape approach, as this allows the issue of the natural environment and human practices can be addressed simultaneously. This approach also allows it to
be part of the provincial strategy that defines the landscape as a development lever for the territory. The workshop methodology is proposed by the design office of Caneva-s, which is assisting the GAL in the process.