Project Ecotourlab

Atelier Ecotourlab 3 Agreta - Programmation Interreg V


Sint-Hubert in the Ardennes suffers from a somewhat one-sided use of its wooded surroundings. There is little variation in the There is little variation in the forest landscape itself or in its use. There are few good and attractive connections from the center to the surrounding landscape and little variation in the type of paths and recreational use. recreational use. Greater diversity in the woodland landscape and transitional zones means a greater wealth of habitat types and thus biodiversity. The local economy could also receive a boost if the wooded area were to play its assets to a greater extent.


Atelier Caneva-s was asked to shape this workshop through their expertise in the use of game elements as a tool for participation processes. A game form is accessible, stimulates curiosity and invites participation. curiosity and invites participation.


Promoting the attractiveness and accessibility of the forest environment. Develop a more diverse range of recreational opportunities while upgrading the forest landscape.


Images depict landscape and urban components. The different actors create their ideal spatial configuration - they puzzle together their ideal future image in a group - discussions arise between the participants and different interests are visualized. The next step is to indicate how the desired landscape is to be used. This is done with
a set of different types of pictograms. For this assignment we have made a distinction between.

four groups:
1. Reception - Communication - Accessibility
2. Biodiversity - Flora and Fauna
3. Engaging in an activity - Trails/paths
4. Recreation - Staying