Atelier Caneva-S

Caneva-s is a studio for landscape architecture and urban design, founded in 2019 by the partners: Yves Hubert, Myrna Baks and Fabrice Kusiak, who previously worked together on various spatial assignments.

Synergy and complementarity enable us to address diverse current spatial issues and challenges.

We work from Brussels and have a long experience with diverse projects and scale levels, from small interventions in rural and urban areas to the elaboration of regional development programs.

Our team is multilingual: French, Dutch, English, German.

We work with various levels of government, construction companies, architects, private individuals, nature and forest managers, heritage, water managers, etc.

Tasks and themes we work on, mostly in mutual coherence:

  • Ecology/nature development
  • Design / layout of public space
  • Recreation / tourism / culture
  • Cultural history / heritage / redevelopment
  • Rivers and waterways
  • Agriculture and sustainable integration
  • Sustainable development in general

Team Atelier Caneva-S

The Atelier Caneva-s team forms the core of every assignment and depending on the type of assignment, we supplement our team with specific expertise from our network or outside.

This gives us a high degree of flexibility to work in a focused way on a variety of spatial assignments. This working method ensures a continuous input and exchange of knowledge.

We attach great importance to the fact that a project is always realized with various actors. In doing so, various professional disciplines come together and all stakeholders in the field are involved.

Making storylines transparent through a simple visual language is a crucial part of the project process.


Ateliers are an important part of our operation.
Today's spatial issues are becoming increasingly complex. They often involve conflicting interests.
The workshops are aimed at finding connections by bringing together the various interest groups and investigating how starting points can be formulated that form a transcendental and effective concept.

Workshops also provide the opportunity to inform participants in a playful manner. We use game forms to reach a diverse audience, in which inspiring and motivating are our main principles.

A sensitive view of society is the basic condition for a sustainable solution.